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Services is an industry based on aligning people and their expertise to the right projects to drive insights for their clients–at a profit. Most service organizations–be they management consulting, accounting and tax, workforce, marketing, or engineering and construction–have mounds of data on their internal operations across their workforce, knowledge base, projects, utilization, and costs. Services analytics is the means by which this data is analyzed to uncover unique opportunities and insights.

But the data remains in silos and takes shape as an endless stream of spreadsheets–providing very limited value. With Tableau, service organizations can quickly blend and link similar data to gain decisive results in seconds. Use what you learn to optimize project planning, scheduling and labor utilization while also adjusting staffing levels to performance metrics to keep service delivery costs at a profitable level. Service organizations use Tableau to gain insights not only on their business but also that of their clients by enabling their consultants with greater analytical capability to differentiate their services and drive greater value for clients.

How management, strategy & IT consulting services can excel with Tableau

Customer Story: Deloitte scales Tableau to over 5,000+ global employees

As the second largest professional services firm in the world, Deloitte is scaling Tableau across the organization to over 5,000+ employees. Deloitte is leveraging Tableau not only for internal operations, but also for the client side of the business moving from 100+ page slide decks to interactive, insightful services analysis.

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Presentation: It Takes a Village at Deloitte—Building a Tableau Community of Practice

One of the keys to leveraging Tableau successfully is building a strong community of practice within your organization to support users. Learn how Deloitte provides an infrastructure for its practitioners that goes beyond maintaining servers and governing data to focus on providing users a framework of mentoring and enablement that will set them up for success as they explore their data and gain insights, leading to better business decisions.

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Our strategic workforce planning solution has a wide audience—from the executive level all the way down to the on the ground analysts. Tableau was able to help us cater to that audience by giving us an opportunity to create a dashboard that was drillable and able to view things at a high level of detail.

How accounting, tax, workforce & audit services use data better

BDO Presents: Game of Tableaus—Fraud is Coming

Most organizations, regardless of size, will experience some type of fraud during the course of their business. These same organizations likely store many volumes of data that could be leveraged to combat incidents of fraud. As one of the leading accounting, tax and audit firms, BDO shares and explores the fundamental definition of data and its relationship to fraud. BDO also explores how data analytics, or in this case fraud analytics, can prevent, deter, and detect incidents of fraud. Watch Now

Presentation: How Kelly Services Wins with Customers in the Marketplace

Kelly Services continues to lead the staffing industry in business intelligence by leveraging Tableau for talent supply chain management and workforce solutions. In this video, Kelly Services shares the story of how they transitioned from a solution cobbled together with Excel, PowerPoint, and Cognos to a powerful process that uses Tableau to deliver actionable insights and analyses that provide decision support. Learn from Kelly Services how Tableau isn't just another tool, but a driver that creates synergy between IT and business users, generates more efficient and effective ways of doing business, and helps us win customers in the marketplace.

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This is not a command and control. We’re building a culture of enablement. We're going to give our practitioners the tools to succeed and then we're going to enable them to continue to up the game with Tableau.