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Retail insights begin with Tableau

With changing market forecasts and evolving customer requirements, retailers and wholesalers must turn to data to stay ahead of the curve. From managing supply chain to providing customers with optimal service and experience, retailers and wholesalers are turning to Tableau to transform their data into actionable insights.

Tableau is committed to helping your organization use the power of visual analytics to tackle the complex challenges and decisions you’re facing on a daily basis.

Visit our COVID-19 Data Hub to learn how organizations large and small are leveraging Tableau as a trusted resource in this unprecedented time.

Take action with COVID-19 data

Understanding fluctuating state & local regulations

Companies are leaning into the power of visual analytics powered by Tableau to make complicated decisions involved in safely reopening communities and understand changing regulations by locale.

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To support Starbucks in decision-making at the local level, Starbucks developed a data-rich dashboard using Tableau that provides government data on confirmed cases, trends about COVID-19, as well as other related info to help them assess a store’s readiness to reopen in modified store formats.

12 Powerful Retail Dashboards

Are you just beginning to use dashboards to visualize your data? Or are you ready to supplement the dashboards you’re already using for an even broader understanding of your business? Wherever you are in your data analytics journey, actionable insights are essential to gain a competitive edge—and dashboards play a critical role in bringing those insights to life. Read this whitepaper and see how top retailers are using visual analytics for competitive advantage—then test drive the dashboards and experience the power of visual analytics for yourself.

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Natural language generation enables store managers to identify and communicate key insights faster.

Visualizing waste provides powerful, actionable insights.

Anticipate product demand with on-demand weather and inventory data.

Identify product availability solutions that have the largest impact

NRF 2020 Highlights

YETI: A Field Guide to Analytics

Understanding how retail and ecommerce sales channels impact each other is critical for remaining competitive in today’s market. Hear how YETI Coolers used the visual analytics power of Tableau’s geo mapping to do cross channel sales analysis of their product line to drive business value.

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TechRepublic: Tableau highlights work with retailers like Yeti, Home Depot, and Pepsi

Why zulily created a self-service marketing analytics platform with Tableau and Google Big Query.

Allrecipes, the world’s largest digital food brand, uncovers marketing trends with Tableau.

Abercrombie & Fitch forecasts regional product inventory and improves customer service from screen to store

Coca-Cola Bottling Company empowers the enterprise with Tableau Mobile dashboards to drive bottom line

Customer service now has to be the center of everything we do, and we’ve got to be ahead of it before the customer even knows it. And Tableau is really making a difference in getting us there.

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