Build a Data Culture

What it is and why it matters

What is Data Culture?

Data Culture is a hot topic. You may have heard the term associated with conversations around digital transformation and data literacy. But what is Data Culture really—and why does it matter? A Data Culture is a shared mission to enable your entire workforce with data. Backed by leadership and a supportive internal community, a Data Culture is made up of critical thinkers who promote data-driven decision making at every level of the organization. This culture is supported by flexible technology with a governance model that supports self-service analytics at scale.

Why is Data Culture important?

Suddenly every company is a data company and most organizations are investing significant resources to collect, store, and protect their data. But data and technology on their own won’t help you succeed. Success with data comes down to culture—how people actually use data and make decisions on a daily basis.

Only 8% of companies achieve analytics at scale.

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To understand what separates successful Data Cultures (“data-leading organizations”) from the rest, Tableau conducted a global study with market intelligence firm IDC, composed of 1,100 responses across seven countries. Research showed:

Data-leading organizations are 3x better than their peers at finding and connecting with data.

89% of respondents from data-leading organizations were very/extremely satisfied with investments in data capabilities compared to the data-aware group.

81% of respondents from data-leading organizations feel confident about getting data and analytics help when they need it.

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"It isn’t just our analysts who are data champions. We have a concept called ‘positive deviance’, which celebrates people using data in a positive way. Those people will then be actively pushing their peers, asking them to do the same."

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What does a successful Data Culture look like?

The promise of analytics is that analysts will find business-altering insights in their data—discrepancies or opportunities for optimization, or time-savings. But imagine if these moments weren’t stand-out occurrences, but the norm for every employee? When every employee has the data they need to do their job better, the entire organization reaps the rewards—agility, customer satisfaction, and innovation.

Organizations with successful Data Cultures share five common elements

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"As data leaders, our role is to help shift and transform—to not let up on the gas pedal when it comes to building a data culture. I think it’s our job as data practitioners to influence corporate culture to be more data-driven."

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Build a Data Culture with Tableau

As a trusted advisor, Tableau helps the world’s largest enterprise customers successfully establish a Data Culture by enabling leaders to build trust, cultivate talent, and drive commitment around their data during this unprecedented time. We even created the Blueprint for building a data-driven culture.

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