Data Steward Learning Path

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Your role in data

As a Data Steward, you ensure there are documented procedures and guidelines for data access and plan enterprise-wide data governance, control and compliance policies. You are responsible for:

Ensuring the accuracy, completeness, privacy, and security of operational data.

Ensuring that the right data is available to the right people in your organization.

Understanding the types of data your business needs.


This learning path includes:

Getting Started with Tableau Desktop


Topics Covered: Tableau Basics

Learn the foundational skills you need to begin your Tableau Desktop journey. This course covers core data literacy concepts and provides guidance for creating your first Tableau Desktop workbook, empowering you to learn Tableau quickly and effectively.

Desktop I: Fundamentals

Topics Covered: Data Analysis

Learn core Desktop skills in this introductory class. You’ll gain a thorough introduction to data analysis and visual design in Tableau, and learn how to build views and interactive dashboards.

Desktop II: Intermediate

Topics Covered: Data Analysis

Expand your knowledge and distinguish yourself as a Tableau power user. Structured for those who have a solid foundation with Tableau, this course will help you take it to the next level.

Tableau Server and Tableau Online Basics

Topics Covered: Governance, End User Experience

Learn the basics of how content on Tableau Server or Tableau Online is organized, and how your organization’s governance model enables access to trusted content for users. 

Data Stewardship with Tableau

Topics Covered: Data Stewardship

Learn the skills you need for effective data stewardship with Tableau. In this course, you will learn how to translate your knowledge of the business domain into curated, published Tableau data sources that users can trust.


Topics Covered: Data Prep

Learn the ins-and-outs of Tableau Prep to combine, shape, and clean your data. You’ll walk away knowing how to create flows then output them for analysis in Tableau Desktop.

Data Steward Skills Assessment

You’ve got the right data skills for your role – now it’s time to show them off. Pass this Skills Assessment and earn a Role Badge.

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