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Verizon Gains Critical Insights with Self-Service Analytics

Verizon Wireless was challenged to make good use of its extremely large datasets. Generating reports in Excel was time consuming and sharing was difficult. As a result, analyzing the data became secondary.

Then Verizon deployed self-service reporting tools and pointed them directly at Teradata. Almost instantly, reports that had taken 28 hours to process now took 10 minutes. Executives can now glance at more than 60 dashboards to instantly see which of Verizon’s 500 marketing campaigns are effective and make changes accordingly.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • The benefits of self-service reporting
  • How fast Verizon got up and running
  • Ways to identify outliers and share critical info
  • PLUS: Live Q&A

Sobre os palestrantes

Lisa Akahoshi

Associate Director, Verizon Wireless
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