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The Cleveland Clinic Leverages Fundraising Data in Seconds

With a large-scale fundraising initiative in the works, The Philanthropy Institute at the Cleveland Clinic knew they had a big problem to solve—under-utilized analytic tools. In order to meet and exceed their goals, they needed to make their philanthropy databases really work for them; to give fundraisers and leadership real access to up-to date, visual reporting.

Their initial plan, scheduled for a five month implementation period, would allow them to make fast, data-centric decisions and have standardized reports available to individual fundraisers and leadership. Watch this webinar to learn how this team got up and running in only three months with a fully-functioning metrics dashboard, as well as real-time updating dashboards for demographics and financial information.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How organizational data can turn into actionable knowledge
  • How to leverage data visualizations online to generate new donors
  • Give leadership and fundraisers up to date analytics
  • To instantly create reliable and accessible dashboards

Be confident about your cause with your data. See how fundraisers connect the dots from all data sources, databases and spreadsheets, and join the webinar today.

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Michael London

a Data analyst and Tableau site Administrator at the Cleveland Clinic Philanthropy Institute
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