Hardware Planning and Server Configuration for Enterprise Tableau Deployments


Tableau Server is easy to install and configure yet has many features that can add complexity to deployments.

This white paper aims to provide guidance and best practices for mission-critical deployments, placing emphasis on high availability, performance, scalability and governance.

Brad Fair and Eric Shiarla from InterWorks and Mike Roberts from Pluralsight bring a comprehensive understanding of the hardware, networking and integration requirements of enterprise customers, they provide a road map for Tableau Server planning and implementation.

A well-executed Tableau Server deployment consists of 5 essential steps:

Step 1: Planning the Environment
Step 2: Sizing Hardware & Server Configuration
Step 3: Load Testing
Step 4: Scaling to Meet Demand
Step 5: Maintaining & Monitoring

While this whitepaper cannot detail all of the possible variations encountered during the planning and implementation of a Tableau deployment, additional resources and information are highlighted after each section for more in-depth reading.

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About the authors

Brad Fair

Solution Architect, InterWorks

Mike Roberts

Director of Data Analytics, Pluralsight

Eric Shiarla

Principal Business Intelligence Consultant, InterWorks