Big Data on Campus: How IT Leaders Enable Higher Education Analytics


It is no secret that university educators and administrators alike need direct access to big data insights in order to drive measurable results.

A tidal change is sweeping through places of higher learning; faster, smarter tools are replacing old and slow business intelligence models for improved performance management for every campus department.

But even with new data technologies, universities sometimes fall short in their analytics strategies. A new approach demands a new methodology. Most importantly, universities need IT leadership to help build a credible, secure data infrastructure.

Read this whitepaper to discover proven agile development and deployment methods that will allow your institution to adapt quickly to the many changing technology requirements, and generate a collaborative, data-driven culture.

In this paper, you’ll learn new ways to enable big data insights by:

  • Empowering administrators and educators with self-service dashboards
  • Increasing the speed of analytics implementations and deployments
  • Building flexible and secure configurations
  • Enabling actionable insights with data visualization

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About the authors

Christine Carmichael

Marketing Leader, Government and Education at Tableau Software