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Pharmaceutical and biotech organizations across the globe are turning to data to help them lead through change. During this critical time, future-facing organizations are working to cultivate a data culture to transform the industry. Tableau's enterprise platform makes visual analytics easy to use, empowering all leaders, business users, and lab technicians to deliver accurate results and life-saving treatment. Keep reading to learn more about how Tableau can help your organization make decisions with confidence with the power of visual analytics.

With the global health environment rapidly evolving, Tableau is committed to helping healthcare organizations see and understand their data. Explore the COVID-19 COVID-19 Healthcare Data Track to explore further.

Make data-driven decisions during the pandemic

The Healthcare & Life Sciences Pulse

Introducing The Pulse, a Healthcare & Life Sciences webinar series, developed to assist you through your analytics journey during this critical time.

Register and attend to learn from our data experts, customers, and trusted partners as they share valuable perspectives, guided lessons, and resources on how to deliver optimal patient experiences and care outcomes.

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Tableau was the first choice to underpin our COVID-19 program. It’s simple to use and incredibly powerful, and empowers people to understand research results considerably faster and more efficiently.

Patient-centered innovation at Tableau Conference

CVS Health: When You are the Size of a Small Country, All Data is Big

Watch and get an inside look at how Tableau has helped CVS Health understand and develop their data into a viable asset.

Bristol-Myers Squibb: Achieving Operational Excellence Using Tableau

Learn how Bristol-Myers Squibb use Tableau to drive operational efficiencies and enhance the customer experience.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals: Putting Patients First with Tableau

Learn how Takeda uses Tableau to monitor patient safety, ensure data quality, and drive the creation of life-changing medicines that patients need most.

Let's get technical. Bring IT into the discussion.

The modern approach to business intelligence

Learn the 7 key areas of impact to evaluate when implementing a modern approach to BI.

Evaluation Guide: How to choose the right modern BI & analytics platform

Intended for IT to use collaboratively with business users and analysts to assess modern analytics platforms.

What is Data Culture?

Your missing link to thriving in the data era

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