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Education institutions and school systems are now facing a number of critical considerations around reshaping the education landscape. Whether it’s preparing for reopening, transitioning to online learning models, or ensuring students' needs are met, they need trusted data to support their decisions throughout their journey. Tableau can empower schools and institutions at any stage with data-driven decision-making.

Visit our COVID-19 Data Hub to learn how organizations at every level are leveraging Tableau as a trusted resource during this unprecedented time.

Visualizing the Impact of Education Data

Explore this dashboard to see how institutions and schools are using Tableau to measure student success, create interactive factbooks, and manage operations across campuses and districts.

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Learn how education organizations are leading through change

How this data-driven Minnesota school district is supporting students during COVID-19

Since COVID-19 has progressed across the country, school districts have been met with many unique and unprecedented challenges. While every school district is grappling with these challenges, the community in Northfield, Minnesota has decided to meet them head-on—with data to ensure students continued to succeed.

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How UNICEF is using data to ensure global COVID-19 school closures don’t set kids back

COVID-19 is challenging nearly every community and every system in place across the world. For UNICEF, the UN’s organization focused on the rights and wellbeing of children everywhere, the pandemic poses a unique threat to children and families. On top of the economic instability that COVID-19 has brought to millions of families across the world, many of the systems in place that care for children and support their well-being have been impacted.

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Tableau for Higher Education

Learn how others in Higher Education are using Tableau to unlock the power of data to improve learning, fundraising, planning, and research.

Tableau for K-12

Learn how others in K-12 school systems are using Tableau to ask sophisticated questions, get actionable answers, and share their findings easily online.

On-Demand Education Sessions from TC19

Watch these on-demand recordings from TC19 to hear how your peers in institutions and K-12 school systems are leveraging data analytics to empower decision making in education.

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Dive Deeper into Education Data

Explore these dashboards to learn how Tableau can help you dive deeper into your data for actionable insights and optimal outcomes.