Analytics in the cloud
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Moving to the cloud is a journey, and we’re here to help.

From data warehouses to web apps, public cloud deployment to analytics as a service—Tableau gives you the flexibility to leverage existing investments while preparing for your organization’s future.

How? We give you choice. The choice of how and where you deploy analytics. The freedom to analyze any data, regardless of where it resides. And the flexibility to use Tableau with any major cloud platform.

Flexible cloud deployment

Choose analytics as a service with Tableau Online, or deploy on the public cloud with Tableau Server for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

Flexible cloud deployment options

Hosted analytics with Tableau Online
Tableau Online is software as a service, giving you the simplicity of a fully hosted analytics solution. Get started in seconds, and never worry about software upgrades or server capacity.

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Tableau Server on public cloud
Run Tableau Server on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform for full control of your software and unlimited scalability without ever deploying hardware.

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Connect to any data

From Redshift to Google Analytics, analyze data from all your favorite cloud services. Or, connect live to nearly any on-premises data source.

The complete enterprise solution


Tableau's cloud solutions are designed to ensure your data and analytics remain secure.


From SaaS to public cloud deployment, Tableau scales seamlessly to meet demand.


Easily manage your Tableau environment with content permissioning and user controls.


Tableau Mobile integrates with your IT infrastructure and supports SAML and Active Directory.

Take your business to the cloud

The Cloud Data Brief

See the data on where and how organizations host databases used for analytics.

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Data, Gravity, and the Cloud

Learn how data’s move to the cloud will affect your organization's analytics.

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Next Gen of Cloud BI: Tableau and AWS

Learn how AWS and Tableau pair to create a comprehensive BI solution for any organization.

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SaaS analytics with Tableau Online
Tableau Server on the public cloud