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Customer Analytics in the Age of Social Media

Customers today are more than just customers. Using social media networking, they influence others and reveal their buying interests in products and services. Organizations know that to compete effectively, they must capture as much information as they can about customers and analyze it effectively to discover patterns, trends, and other vital clues. Social media networking activity is generating big data – and these growing sources are the new frontier for customer intelligence.

The race is on to capture customer intelligence from this big data frontier, and customer analytics is how leading organizations are winning the race. Customer analytics tools and techniques include data mining, predictive analytics, data visualization, and more. By complementing what organizations have in traditional business intelligence and data warehousing, customer analytics can strengthen your ability to use information insights to deliver better customer experiences, more successful marketing campaigns, and higher customer loyalty.

Join this TDWI Webinar and discover best practices and experience-based guidance for implementing customer analytics and using the tools and techniques to leverage data generated by social media networks. The Webinar is based on TDWI’s recently released Best Practices Report, “Customer Analytics in the Age of Social Media,” which brought together insights from an extensive research survey as well as interviews with users and industry experts in customer analytics, social media and network analytics, marketing, and customer intelligence. The Webinar will help you plan and execute customer analytics to achieve true business advantages.

What you will learn:

  • How customer analytics can supply critical insights to customer-facing personnel, applications, and processes
  • Benefits and barriers to using social media networking data for customer analytics
  • Which tools and techniques are most appropriate for the type of data, and for achieving the desired business insights
  • How customer analytics can work best with existing BI and data warehousing
  • Cloud and online services alternatives for implementing customer analytics

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David Stodder

Director of Research for Business Intelligence, TDWI
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