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3 Ways to Become a Data-Driven Manufacturer

Manufacturing is a tough way to earn a living. Products include many parts, requiring complex fabrication and assembly, and utilizing expensive equipment. Supply chains are global, lead times can be significant, and even carefully prepared plans can be wrong. Manufacturing companies have been using spreadsheets and specialized tools to collect and analyze data for decades but there is so much data to sort through and it is often a painfully manual process.

Successful manufacturing companies understand the value of timely, insightful and understandable information. Becoming a data-driven organization requires the use of advanced technology that is capable of accessing and analyzing a diverse amount of data.

Watch this 60-minute webinar and learn how other leading manufacturers have addressed these top challenges:

  • Ad-hoc analysis of quality problems
  • Ability to effectively analyze global supply chains
  • Analyzing sales and receivable activity

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Dan Murray

Director of Business Intelligence Services, InterWorks, Inc.
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