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Teaching with Tableau: Showing insights and telling data-driven stories

In data visualization courses, students learn to present data in visual form. This involves working with data, learning new software, and applying visual design principles. However, visualizations are only as effective as the insights they reveal.

This 45-minute webinar will cover how to teach students to tell data-driven stories with visualizations, including:

  • Storytelling best practices
  • Techniques for helping others see key takeaways from visuals
  • The use of software to support data presentation in visual form
This webinar will also cover how to design a course on data-driven storytelling. Tableau’s unique annotation, animation, and interactive features will be highlighted to demonstrate how they can support data-driven stories.

For more tips on how to deliver an effective presentation with data, check out Kristen's recent blog post.

Acerca de los oradores

Kristen Sosulski

Professor and Data Visualization Consultant and Speaker
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