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Data Viz Debate: Andy Cotgreave v Andy Kirk

The Data Viz Debate brings together two of the sharpest minds in data to share their opposing views on the most divisive issues in data visualisation design.

Join Andy Cotgreave and Andy Kirk to learn new data skills and discover how you can overcome your own data visualisation challenges using more than one method.

Join the conversation using #DataVizDebate and to vote for your favourite, simply visit the Data Viz Debate hub where you can access all six rounds and vote using the viz on each page.

Round 1: Is the Bar Chart Race more than just a gimmick?
The hottest data viz trend right now is the bar chart race; but is it the best way to visualise time?

Round 2: Which is the best decade for data viz - the 1910s or 2010s?
Have classicists already set the standards for data viz discourse, or are we in a new golden age?

Round 3: Do business executives need, or want, interactive charts?
Are executives too busy for interactivity or should analysts make data exploration easy?

Round 4: Which small change can most transform the effectiveness of a viz: Colour or Title?
A title is key to understanding, but does this supersede colour which impacts every pixel?

Round 5: Long form or single screen visualisations?
Has mobile phone scrolling changed how we consume data or should all info be presented at once?

Round 6: Blue Orange colour palette: love or hate?
Is colour theory correct about the benefits of Blue Orange, or does its practical application differ.

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Acerca de los oradores

Andy Cotgreave

Technical Evangelism Director, Tableau

Andy Kirk

Data Visualisation Specialist and Founder of

Archana Ganeshalingam

Senior Solution Engineer
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