Mission Critical Reliability

When everyone in your company depends on data and analytics, you can’t afford to let them down. Advanced high availability, robust failover, and fast disaster recovery is why the largest companies in the world choose Tableau for their enterprise analytics. Choose just the right amount of redundancy to fulfill your business SLAs and sleep well at night knowing you have the most reliable enterprise analytics platform on the market.

High Availability

Regardless of your deployment size, Tableau Server provides you and your users with a consistent and reliable platform. Individual processes within Tableau will automatically restart if they degrade, keeping the server at peak performance without requiring manual oversight. High availability is natively supported on server clusters with three or more nodes; each node contributes to the quorum, and the group helps verify each other’s health. Redundancy and automatic failover of our Data Repository means there are no single points of failure for a cluster.

Disaster Recovery

Hardware failures are the most common cause of software platform outages. When things go wrong, being able to quickly restore to the most recent backup is critical. Tableau supports live backups of the entire platform to multiple endpoints. The use of highly-redundant cloud infrastructure or on-premises VMs means that Tableau Server nodes can be quickly restored with minimal downtime. By supporting both live and extract data types, a restored Tableau Server is available immediately, even without access to the original data sources.

Mission Critical

We understand the heightened demands of running a mission critical platform. That’s why Tableau is designed to meet your most stringent SLAs. In addition to Tableau Server’s native high availability and disaster recovery capabilities, our support for external load balancers and swappable VM nodes means you can automate failover and minimize the effects of downtime. Our licensing model supports redundant server components so you’re only paying for production environments.


Our customer’s confidence in the security of our solutions is paramount. We use industry-standard security protocols and best practices, keep our users well informed, and quickly respond to security issues on the rare occasion that they arise.
Tableau maintains a comprehensive set of IT controls which are regularly audited by independent firms to ensure we are meeting our compliance obligations. Tableau is in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and has worked with a certified public accounting firm to perform an in-depth audit of the control objectives and activities for Tableau Online.

An image of the cover page of the Tableau Server Higher Availability whitepaper

Tableau Server High Availability

Today, more than ever, self-service analytics and data-driven decision-making are becoming the norm in organizations worldwide. Users and decision-makers have come to depend on immediate access to data and self-service tools to answer their questions in real time and rely on these systems daily. This reliance on data requires a high degree of availability to the underlying systems.

This whitepaper outlines High Availability in Tableau Server 2018.2 with Tableau Services Manager. It also describes how to architect, configure, and deploy on a variety of hardware.

Note: If you're running Tableau Server 10.x to 2018.1.x, please read the High Availability for Tableau Server 10 whitepaper.

Tableau Server Disaster Recovery

A well-defined Disaster Recovery plan with regular testing will prepare you and your enterprise to act quickly and precisely during a disaster so there is minimal impact to your business. Any event such as hardware failure, software failure, natural calamity, human error, or infrastructure failure that causes disruption to business continuity can be considered a disaster.

This whitepaper outlines how Tableau’s built-in backup and recovery technologies can be used to meet your DR needs.

Please note: This paper assumes you are running Tableau Server version 2018.2 or more recent, with Tableau Services Manager.


An image of the cover page of the Tableau Server Disaster Recovery whitepaper

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