Consulting Services

Lean on our experts to make the most out of your investment, faster.

Whether your project needs to be completed next week or next year, Tableau Consulting Services will help you achieve your business outcomes quickly, accelerating your time to value. Since every deployment and environment is unique, we can help you navigate your options and set you up for success.

Maximise your investment

Realise the full potential of your investment in Tableau and transform your organisation with data. Take advantage of our expertise to help you get there.

Accelerate time to value

Achieve all your business objectives quickly by leveraging our years of experience and knowledge of best practices.

Minimise risk

Feel confident knowing your deployment has been set up for success, by relying on our experts to establish best practices and avoid pitfalls.

Learning from successful organisations.

What really impressed me about the Consulting Services team’s abilities was the passion, the interest and their knowledge of the product and how to see things from my perspective and move things forward.

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How we help

Discovery and planning

Determine a clear strategy and roadmap for how to fully utilise Tableau with a thorough plan that defines the mission and vision, aligns your team on needs and outcomes, and prioritises a work schedule.

Server deployment and review

Build your Tableau Server environment with the help of an expert to ensure it’s customised to your infrastructure and optimised for performance.

Data preparation

Learn best practices to provide reliable, shareable and highly performant data sources.

Governance plan

Establish ideal processes to monitor and maintain Tableau Server by defining roles and responsibilities, defining organisational standards and procedures, and establishing policies to monitor compliance.

Dashboard development and design

Learn best practices for dashboarding through hands-on support from an expert who will then help you publish and share your dashboard for others.

Community building

Foster learning and interest in advancing Tableau skills across the organisation by identifying Tableau champions across the organisation, introducing challenges that elevate skills and hosting events for sharing best practices.

Tiered services

We prescribe a mix of training, consulting and support based on the size and scope of your deployment. With three tiers to choose from, you have the flexibility to choose the right solution based on your desired level of investment and how much help you need.


Designed for a cost-effective and easy start, we help lay the foundation for your analytics practice.


Designed to give you peace of mind that you’re going in the right direction, we build the core framework for success and you take it from there.


Designed for optimal time to value and minimum risk, walk away with a full deployed and optimised analytics practice. ​

Get the most out of your Tableau investment