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How Schaeffler Group are using Tableau to keep their supply chains operating during uncertainty

Discover how the Business Intelligence team at Schaeffler Group are using data and Tableau to respond to the impact of COVID-19 on global supply chains.

Like all global manufacturers, Schaeffler operates complex supply chains built upon fast and accurate data. To understand which warehouses could be impacted by COVID-19, Schaeffler’s BI team is using Tableau to analyse both supply chain and infection data—enabling them to react before a problem arises.

You'll learn how Schaeffler’s BI team combined visual analytics, machine learning, and a culture of self-service analytics to understand fast-changing data.

Watch now to learn:

  • Why a COVID-19 dashboard is critical
  • How to structure a BI team in response to a crisis
  • Schaeffler’s data analytics philosophy
  • The lessons learned from Schaeffler’s BI team

About the speakers

Anas Al-Rez

Tableau BI Application Owner | Schaeffler Technologies AG

Matthias Saltenberger

Senior Campaign Specialist DACH | Tableau Deutschland GmbH
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