On-demand webinar

How CHAINalytics Changed the Game for their Customers with Cloud Analytics

It started with an email.

An idea of how to get out of a constant cycle of spreadsheet reporting for customers and instead, offer analytics that were more meaningful and also broke the cycle of static Excel delivery. The journey the followed took CHAINalytics into the cloud with Tableau Online as they transformed the way they provided their customers with cutting edge freight market intelligence.

In this 60 minute webinar, you'll learn:

  • How a simple idea sparked a data revolution for CHAINalytics
  • Why choosing a cloud analytics solution was critical to success
  • How CHAINalytics' business has grown as a result of their decision

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About the speakers

Matthew Harding

Vice President of the Freight Market Intelligence Consortium, Chainalytics

Dustin Smith

Product Manager, Tableau
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