Desktop Certified Professional

Focused on advanced functionality and application of visual best practices

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Exam details

This exam is intended for those who have advanced knowledge and skills in Tableau Desktop and the ability to apply visual analytics methodologies to help people see and understand data. You should have at least one year of dedicated experience using Tableau Desktop prior to attempting the exam. Make sure to review the full Desktop Certified Professional exam prep guide before registering.


To be eligible to take this exam, you must be an active Tableau Desktop Certified Associate. Everyone learns differently and everyone’s everyday use of Tableau varies. Recommendations for learning resources and experience with the product are guidelines, not requirements.

Learning resources

The best preparation is experience and time with the product. During the exam, you will have access to public, online resources aside from private websites that require a login or websites & applications allowing for communication with others. We also encourage you to complete the following training courses which are available as in-person courses and live virtual courses:

Desktop III: Advanced
Visual analytics

We also recommend exploring these additional resources:

Exam format

Time limit: Three hours; plan for extra time for online exam setup.
Question format: Hands-on, written response, building/saving solutions in Tableau Desktop
Marking: By committee
Passing score: Pass/Fail based on a detailed marking rubric and Tableau Desktop best practices
Language(s) offered: English
Delivery platform: Windows virtual machine containing Tableau Desktop

System preparation

For a successful exam experience, ensure that your computer, network, and the physical environment are properly configured. This includes running a system & network tech-check before the exam. Review our exam setup guide for complete details.

For more information, download the full Desktop Certified Professional exam prep guide.

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